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 General NBA CENTRAL Rules

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PostSubject: General NBA CENTRAL Rules   12th January 2009, 07:02

elcome to the forum! Everyone seems committed to the success of the forum. However, it is important to lay a few ground rules which will make the forum experience enjoyable for everybody.

1) No foul or abusive language towards other members. A forum is a means of talking, debating and arguing with people about topics of interest. There is no need for insulting people. Each case will be dealt with according to the severity of the problem at hand.

2) Racism will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If someone is offended by an issue of racism, please contact a moderator or administrator immediately.

3) Abuse of moderators and administrators, will not be tolerated. If you don't like the way they handle a situation, send them a civil personal message. Simply insulting them will not in anyway help your cause.

4) The censor in this forum is quite lenient at present, but swearing just because you can will see the censor tightened and the offender banned.

5) News that is posted needs a source (in general); alleged material with no proof and one which most people have not heard off, may be deleted.

6) Being a know alter will result in an immediate ban. One account per person and this will be enforced with an IP ban in most situations.

7) No spamming what so ever. Posting of several links in a row, or posting several identical messages or posting several identical messages in the chatbox.
Each case will be dealt with according to the severity of the problem at hand

All in all, just enjoy the forum and have fun. But remember, there are rules put in place to protect others. So please do not break these rules, stay with the rules and you should, and we hope you enjoy the forum.

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The Brain
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Admin/Tech Support
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PostSubject: Re: General NBA CENTRAL Rules   12th January 2009, 11:13

8 ) Your fellow members are prized, just like yourself, and valued. Any derogatory, unkind, threats, or any negative behavior toward another member will be punished.

9) We do not like punishing people, but we will, do not doubt us, do not test us
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General NBA CENTRAL Rules
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